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Travel Through Seasons!

Fullboard Korea Package means that we will prepare all of our customers’ essentials including the flight tickets for both departure and return trip, luggage, meals on board, tourist guide’s Service at Korea complete with accommodation, halal foods, touring tickets, transportation, and others. The Fullboard Korea Package are for those who are travelling in big groups (a minimum of 16 persons). You will be accomadated at a 3 star hotel and will be having a one night stay at a resort. The concept of this package is to give our customers a chance to travel in big groups while minimizing the price of our package.


  • This package includes flight tickets, a 3 star hotel accommodation, and zero hidden payment.
  • The minimum number of participants are 2 persons to 26 persons.
  • Every fact are written on the FAQ wall. please read for your own understanding.
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